Meet Buddah

Meet Buddah


Buddah is a mini Schnauzer with an anal gland rupture.  Chester Foundation was very pleased to be able to help him out!

“I was so worried about my dog, Buddah and how much his procedure was going to cost. I just lost my job and the only options I had were to horrible to think about.

He is my baby and I don’t know what I would do without him. I researched on the internet about what to do and if there was any help out there for families that have pet emergencies.

I found a link on Google about the Chester Foundation and I had to try and see if they would help. I contacted the foundation and they have been the best people to work with and help me out. I never expected them to take such good care of me and my dog. They actually cared about us and wanted nothing more than for my dog to get better.

Without the Chester Foundation I wouldn’t have been able to get my dog the care he needed and they went above and beyond to make sure he got the proper care.

The Chester Foundation is the best I have ever heard of and please do whatever you have to to keep it going for other families in need.”

Allie Brodovsky