About Us

The Chester Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission to provide medical care for stray and disadvantaged pets.

The Foundation works in collaboration with 24 hour care emergency veterinary hospital serving the greater Sacramento Region with three primary functions: WomanCat 250x

Funding for Stray Animal Care – The Chester Foundation will assure additionally resources will be available to assist covering the cost of care for displaced and lost pets.  Working with local hospitals, The Chester Foundation provides supportive care to injured and sick animals from throughout the Greater Sacramento Region.

Grants – It is common for pet owners to desire care but either due to poor credit, low/fixed income or even unemployment, they lack the ability to cover the complete costs at the time of service.   The Chester Foundation will provide much needed funds to assist in covering costs for medical services while assuring timely delivery of care.  Support to pet owners will come in the form grants (paid directly to the participating hospitals) to cover a portion of the costs.  Additionally the foundation, through the generous support of the participating hospitals, assures further assistance by reducing the costs to the pet owner in form of discounts.  Please note that all funding is provided for direct medical care to the participating veterinary hospitals. The Chester Foundation DOES NOT award grant dollars directly to the pet owner.

Community Outreach – The Chester Foundation will also provide support for education and opportunities for local animal care, welfare and rescue organizations.  Additionally, funds will be allocated to support placement into homes of stray animals receiving care.  The future goals in community outreach is to provide financial assistance to other programs with similar missions Learn about our all-volunteer Board of Directors.