A Group Effort Saved Ava

A Group Effort Saved Ava

“Ava” recently benefited from a collaboration between Mercy Pet Hospital, Chester Foundation, Pet Emergency Center, Placer SPCA-SOS Fund and Red Rover, receiving lifesaving surgical care.  It was truly a group effort that resulted in a wonderful outcome!

Ava is a one year old Boxer who had been sick for over a week with vomiting and reluctance to eat along with rapid weight loss.  She was seen at Mercy Pet Hospital where she was diagnosed by x-rays with a “foreign body” in her stomach.

The family was limited in funds to support the necessary surgery, but along with their contributions, Placer SPCA – SOS Fund and Chester Foundation provided the additional funds to support the medical care discounts extended by Mercy Pet Hospital and Pet Emergency Center.   Surgery was performed and one of her toys was removed from her stomach!  There were also strings from the toy extended into the small intestine requiring several incisions to remove all the material.

Ava made a full recovery thanks in part to donors who support the Chester Foundation.

Ava - before lifesaving surgery.

Ava – before lifesaving surgery.

Ava has made a full recovery!

Ava relaxing at home, fully recovered and mindful that toys are for playing – not eating!

First and foremost Dr. Young your graciousness is beyond appreciated. Our Ava is doing so well, all because of your love for animals.

As you know, our Ava was near death when we sent in our story of her. She had lost an incredible amount of weight with still no certain diagnoses. By the time we found out that she needed surgery, Andrew’s funds were depleted by unexpected Vet bills.

Because of your generosity, Ava is alive and doing well. Each of her follow-up check-ups has been good and healthy. She now weighs 45 pounds, her normal weight. The best part, she is as lively as ever.

Andrew and I thank you so much for everything you have done for our Ava.

~ Traci and Andrew Isherwood

UPDATE! Ava’s family contacted us recently to show how great Ava is doing.  They also providing this heartening story that demonstrates the importance of this dog in their lives.

I remember exactly where I was and how old I was when I knew that I wanted to get a dog of my own. I was 15 sitting on the steps at our old Centerville house thinking about my grandpas dog Tess, an amazing Brittany Spaniel, and how great of a hunting dog she was. I knew right then and there that I wanted a dog just like his that could learn from Tess and be as great as she was.

Ava - ThanksgivingUnfortunately both parents and my grandpa told me that as a 15 year old I didn’t have the money or the time to dedicate to a pup. Although I didn’t like what they had to say I also knew they were right and just had to wait for the right time.

Seven years later while we were at the wake of the passing of my grandpa Bill, not the grandpa who owned Tess, my brother thought I could use a little good news. He told me he was getting a Boxer puppy which I was instantly jealous of him. He then proceeded to tell me that there’s one more and he already told the breeder I wanted one. So seven years later I was finally getting the dog of my own that I can say I raised from a puppy to adulthood. I went home that night thinking of names for her but decided to sleep on it. By the morning I knew that my new puppy’s name would be “Ava”. Ava - Thanksgiving2

Ava was born June 14, 2012 and I picked her up by August 10, 2012. When I picked her up it was almost too good to be true. My pup laying on my lap as I drove from Carson City, Nevada back home to Rocklin. She was so calm and did so well driving with me that I figured she would be a pretty mellow good listening pup. I definitely was in for a treat. Ava hasn’t been that calm since that car ride. She is one of the happiest dogs I even though her sunken eyes seem to tell a different story. She’s such a smart dog that sometimes I think she’s training me.

Ava brings me so much joy whether it be from just a bad day or a long day at work, no matter what it is, she loves me and puts a smile on my face everyday since the day I picked her up. Ava is definitely my blessing.