Bandit Stole Their Hearts!

Bandit Stole Their Hearts!

Bandit’s dedicated family brought him into the Pet Emergency Center for medical care due to dehydration, low potassium and infection. Without medical intervention he would have continued to worsen.

With monetary constraints, the The Chester Foundation was contacted allowing his owners to hospitalize Bandit so he could receive IV fluids, antibiotics, and the monitoring needed to get him on the road to recovery.

Here’s the story of Bandit, told by his family.

“Bandit was a rescue dog 14 years ago. He was living in a storm drain in Malibu, CA….He would come out of the storm drain, do tricks for treats, then go back into the storm drain.” After a few days of gaining his trust he (a local Good Samaritan) was able to rescue him and get him veterinary care. Bandits rescuer found out that I was specifically looking for a pug….We played for about 15 minutes and we just knew it was a match made in heaven.”

The Chester Foundation is able to be help special animals like Bandit only with the generosity of our donors. We provide support for emergency medical care when pet owners can’t pay part or all of a medical bill.

We think all animal companions deserve a chance to restore good health and we see every day how pet owners will do anything and everything possible to save their best friend. The veterinarians, animal rescue groups and individuals who work together with the Chester Foundation to help animals in a medical crisis make the difference between life and death for these animals in need.

Seeing the relief and smiles on the faces of family members, including the pets, makes it very worthwhile for the volunteers at The Chester Foundation.

Please help us continue to save lives. Make your dollars go further by donating on the May 5th Day of Giving, when generous local companies will provide partial matching funds. For 24 hours you can give online and put your money where your heart is.