Cali’s Angels

Cali’s Angels

Cali is a sweet boxer mix, around 3 years old.  

Recently, her owner found her lying unconscious on their kitchen floor and she needed help.

Cali had been in an abusive home, including having her tail broken.  She was rescued by a young student who was living in a small apartment.

Here’s what her new owner told the Chester Foundation:

“This girl (the student) took Cali to her mom’s house and it happened I visited that day. From the first moment, Cali became my best friend, and when I tried leaving she started crying and didn’t want to let me go. I had to leave, and on my way home, I got a phone call: “You need to take Cali with you, she’s been sitting by the door crying all this time.”  From that day on Cali has been my friend, my companion, my child, everything.

Until one day when she was lying unconscious on the kitchen floor.  Cali was in Addison disease crisis and she was close to dying.  She was hospitalized for two days at “All About Pets Vet Hospital” and due to the generosity of Chester Foundation and Dr. Susan Bradley from All About Pets, she is recovering smoothly at home.

Thank you Chester Foundation for giving Cali a chance to live!!!” 

  – Cali and Mihaela


Cali was very lucky to have some angels that helped her along the way. The Chester Foundation was happy to help as well!

About Addison’s Disease

The common symptoms of Addison’s disease can include lethargy, weakness, gastrointestinal upset, and poor appetite. Often these symptoms appear intermittently during an extended period of time.

Although some dogs may be diagnosed while in a relatively stable condition, most are diagnosed when an Addisonian crisis develops—a severe stage of the disease in which shock and collapse can occur.  Read more…

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