Chester Foundation Receives Major Donation

Chester Foundation Receives Major Donation

The Chester Foundation has been fortunate to receive a generous donation from The Murphy Family Endowment Fund of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation.

In December, a $10,000 check was received to further support the work of the Chester Foundation. “This will ensure that the new year starts off with the resources needed to provide emergency medical care for disadvantage pets,” said Dr. Jim Young, Executive Director of the Foundation. “We sincerely appreciate the continued support from the Murphy Family Endowment Fund.”

This donation is a result of the hard work performed by Chester Board Member Lynn Madison.  Lynn works with homeless shelters in the greater Sacramento region to make sure that animal companions are receiving the medical care they require.

The Sacramento Region Community Foundation’s donor advised funds, like The Murphy Family Endowment Fund, are established by charitable individuals, families, businesses, and organizations that seek to make positive contributions to their communities.

Learn more about the Sacramento Region Community Foundation on their website.