Chester Fund Guidelines

We would love to help, but want you to know that our foundation is small and has limited funding.

If you are approved for funding, our maximum would be a one time $500 donation. 

To see if you qualify for assistance, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Please provide the contact information of the treating facility (veterinary clinic or hospital).  We will discuss treatment with them.
  2. Please provide an estimate from the treating facility.  For this to happen, an exam will need to be done and this information needs to be provided.
  3. The Chester Foundation will need to ensure that the Veterinary Clinic who is treating your pet is willing to bill the Foundation.  Payment will be made directly to the clinic for services after they have been rendered.
  4. The Chester Foundation is only able to provide funding for an outstanding invoice.  We cannot offer assistance if an invoice is already paid.
  5. You will need to apply for Care Credit at  Once you apply and if you are denied, please forward a screenshot of the denial letter to
  6. Chester provides funds for residents of Sacramento County and cities located within the Placer County Foothills.

Please note, if this information is not provided, Chester will not be able to move forward with assistance.  Thank you.