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A retired veteran who served his country in the Viet Nam era through Desert Storm adopted a German Shepherd named High. She soon became AndrĂ©’s faithful companion, both increasing their quality of life because of the close relationship.

“My time in the military exposed me to some pretty frightening images, things that are hard to put aside.  Friends and family had noticed my Isolation and expressed concern.  To help me with a friend, it was suggested I adopt a pet to talk to and have as a buddy.  My dog High is that and more to me.  She helped me out of the dark thoughts and into the happy days.  My wife has told me that I no longer have the bad dreams or nightmares that also kept her awake at night.  My dog sleeps nearby every night, she seems to recognize my moods and becomes playful when I get blue or depressed.  When I become excited, she calms me, sitting close so I will pet her.  I relax and am able to cope with those stresses I had difficulty with prior to her companionship.   High truly rescued me.”

High had an unfortunate accident recently and needs surgery to fix several breaks in her front leg. Bills are expected to be at least $3500. In addition to setting up a Go Fund Me page to help with her vet bills, AndrĂ© reached out to the Chester Foundation to make sure she was stabilized and not suffering as he pulled together the funding to address her injury. 

Your donation to this fund will be used for High’s veterinary care. Thank you!

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