Filo’s Rocky Road to Recovery

Filo’s Rocky Road to Recovery

Filo’s story was one that touched many at Pet Emergency Center, home of the Chester Foundation’s biggest supporters and Executive Director Dr. Jim Young.

Filo presented for Gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV), known as bloat.  This life threatening medical emergency results from torsion in the stomach trapping gas and cutting off circulation.

It was discovered in surgery that Filo’s stomach had areas of necrosis (tissue death), resulting in a very guarded prognosis and an extensive hospital stay.

Much to everyone’s surprise Filo was able to go home a week later, but unfortunately returned the next day and needed a blood transfusion.  Funds at this point had run out and without a transfusion Filo would not survive.

The Chester Foundation stepped in and helped fund the blood transfusion and overnight hospitalization.  Today Filo is doing wonderful and has made a full recovery!

“My name is Emmett and my dog’s name is Filo. On a Sunday Filo was acting funny, so I brought him here (Pet Emergency Center). Filo had GDV and had to have major surgery.

I would like to thank the Chester Foundation from the bottom of my heart. To some people a dog is just a dog. To me, Filo is more like a son and my best friend.”

Thank you Chester Foundation,

– Emmet & Filo