Here’s Jimmy Chi

Here’s Jimmy Chi

Jimmy is a 5 year old chihuahua mix who was brought to Pet Emergency Center after being hit by a car.  The accident left him with multiple pelvic fractures and a hernia that required surgical repair.

He is a very sweet boy and despite devastating injuries he loved giving kisses to his care takers.

When the funding for his initial emergency care had been exhausted, the team at Pet Emergency Center went into action coordinating a joint effort to make sure Jimmy would receive the treatment he urgently needed.  They reached out to the Chester Foundation for funding, as well as Dr. Walsh from NorCal who agreed to do the surgery.


Awesome donors on Facebook stepped up to supplement the funding from the Chester Foundation.  As of October 31, we feel we have collected enough to meet Jimmy’s needs, so we are not requesting further donations to his fund. It is SO GREAT to witness the love for animals that is expressed through social media.

Dr. Walsh performed the surgery the evening of October 30th (at a reduced rate – thank you Dr. Walsh!!) Jimmy’s surgery took over two hours, including repairing his hernia and addressing damage to internal organs.  He must remain in the hospital through the weekend for pain management and close monitoring.

Here are some images of Jimmy the Chi’s journey.  Thanks to everyone who made this possible!