Lucky Lucy

Lucky Lucy

A Day In The Life Of The Chester Foundation

The Chester Foundation works closely with emergency veterinary hospitals throughout the Sacramento Region and we thought this case that came in during the Day of Giving would be a great example to share with our cherished donors. Without our donors, we could not save these animals.

Lucy is a 3 year old black lab who was brought into the Pet Emergency Center in Roseville to have a foreign body removed – some sort of cloth, maybe a tennis ball. The owners were able to pay a significant sum to save their Lucy, but it still wasn’t enough to cover the care Lucy needed. Lucy’s humans were faced with the heart wrenching possibility that Lucy had to be euthanized. Fortunately, the Chester Foundation stepped in and one of the PEC vets offered to come in on her day off to do the surgery pro bono!!!!

Lucy’s humans were just starting a life together and Lucy is their first addition to the family.

Here’s what they had to say:

“Words cannot begin to express the gratitude we have for The Chester Foundation.”  We have never felt so hurt and helpless than when we learned that we wouldn’t be able to afford the surgery that would save our fur baby’s life.  We have nearly lost hope when we received a call that truly changed our lives.  With the determination and compassion from the Atlantic Street Veterinary Hospital, alongside the incredible work of The Chester Foundation, our sweet baby Lucy was able to get the care she needed and is now on the road to recovery.  These were some of the hardest days of our lives, fearing the loss of our best friend.  The Chester Foundation has allowed us to keep our little family whole.  Thank you for everything that you do!”

Blayne and Ashley

Lucy is recovering wonderfully from her surgery last night! TLC goes a long way during the recovery process.  Lucy is scheduled to go home on May 4th – the second Day of Giving.

Enjoy these images from Lucy’s journey.


  1. So glad Lucy is doing better! Thank you to all involved in helping her! I am so glad ther is someone out there that can help critters in need.

  2. We were overjoyed when we learned that there was a foundation out there to help Lucy!! The family was so upset when we thought Lucy was probably not going to make it. When my nephew called me later in the day I was sure he was letting me know she had passed but when he told me that the foundation had stepped in and she was having surgery as we spoke there were definitely tears of joy!! Thank you so much for helping Lucy!

  3. Great organization…thanks for all you do! Glad to help support this cause.