Lynn Madison, Board Member

Lynn Madison, Board Member

Lynn Madison has been working with the Chester Foundation for several years as our liaison to homeless organizations.

She has been instrumental in securing funds to provide emergency medical care for injured animal companions living with people who are currently homeless.  The Chester Foundation was very pleased to invite Lynn to be a member of our Board of Directors in 2014.


“My husband and I are parents of two children, grandparents to three children and share our home with our three rescue dogs.  We have a family-owned automotive repair shop in downtown Sacramento.  We are a family of animal lovers and rescuers.


My love for animals has spanned my lifetime.  My involvement with animal rescue started in 1994 when I rescued two dogs.  This was the beginning of going beyond feeling bad when I saw a stray dog or cat and doing something about it.


In 1999 I founded WOOFF (Welfare of Our Furry Friends) a nonprofit whose mission was to help the animals of the homeless.  I continue to raise awareness of their plight.  My main focus is to raise funds for veterinary care for them.


In 2000, two fellow rescuers and I founded We Pay to Spay/Neuter Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes.  We approached the Sacramento SPCA with the idea that if they paid people to bring their Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes to be spayed/neutered at the SSPCA, they would come and they did.  The need to reduce their population was not out of dislike for the breed.  We had rescued so many Pit Bulls that were neglected/abused/abandoned.  We had to do something.  We Pay to Spay/Neuter Pit Bull and Pit Bull mixes continues to make a difference.


The Chester Foundation shares my belief that no animal should suffer due to lack of funds. I am very excited to be a part of their mission.”