Meet Lucky “Lucy”

“Lucy” weighed only 2.7lbs when she was rescued from certain euthanasia. This eight week old Australian Shepherd and Poodle Cross displayed the symptoms associated with Parvo (vomiting and lethargy) a highly contagious and preventable disease that can be especially severe in puppies.

Her owners were unable to provide her with the treatment needed to save her life. The person who sold them the pup planned to take her back and her outlook was not good. Because the breeder could not retrieve her for two days, it was clear the pup would not survive the wait if untreated. The Chester Foundation assisted by providing funding for care until Lucy was stable and able to be transferred to California Animal Shelter Friends and Dr. Cynthia Delany, who graciously agreed to provide additional care and placement into a permanent home.

Treatment for Parvo often involves costly veterinary hospitalization. Vaccines can prevent this infection, but mortality can reach 91% in untreated cases. Lucy was fortunate to come into contact with people who valued her life. We look forward to helping find Lucy a forever home and we encourage all animal owners to talk to their veterinarians about steps to prevent deadly diseases like Parvo.