Meet Vash

Sharing the testimonial of the Niskala’s and the Story of Vash:
Our day began with the discovery of our beloved Australian Cattle Dog (Vash) being gone.  After several hours of searching, going in vain, one of our worst fears were realized.  A close friend of the family, Catherine, had been able to track down Vash to the Atlantic Street Veterinary Hospital Pet Emergency Center. Vash had been transported there by the Folsom P.D. Dept following her being discovered roadside suffering from wounds caused by an apparent strike from a vehicle.
We were overjoyed that our very worst expectations were not realized – but this was soon tempered by the financial obligation that the measures taken would impose on us, a family struggling to return from homelessness.  We were left with very few options.  Walking away, not being one of them, our discussion started to include some truly desperate measures.
Then, a miracle happened.  The staff of A.S.V.H. informed us that all services provided, including medication and some follow-up would be covered in full by the Chester Foundation. This most kind act was not only unexpected, but in our eyes heroic. For us to simply say “Thank You” doesn’t feel adequate.
James, Lee & Dexter Niskala