Mayley’s owner called Pet Emergency Center late on a Friday evening with concerns that she was not eating and hiding most of the day. Since the owner was retired and on a fixed income, receiving emergency care was not possible.  Many hospitals would not see her pet because of her financial constraints.

Mayley was her friend and companion, so this situation was very upsetting.  Sensing the owners desperate need to save Mayley, the staff offered to have her looked at by a technician to determine how critical she was and to apply for Care Credit (third party payment plan).  Mayley showed symptoms of a fever, was dehydrated, and had abdominal pain.  Her temperature was 105.4 degrees, requiring immediate medical attention.

Unfortunately, Mayley’s owner was not approved for Care Credit and was running out of options.  The Chester Foundation was able to step in and provide the funds needed to get Mayley on the road to recovery.

Mayley was started on antibiotics, pain medication and rehydrated with fluids in the skin.

“I am so thankful and feel so blessed that the Chester Fund could help me, because I love my cat.” – Ms. Ashley