News from the Chester Foundation

News from the Chester Foundation


March 3, 2010                                                    

For Immediate Release                                

For Further Information Contact:
Dr. James F. Young, Executive Director
(916) 783-4655


Roseville, CA – It is 11:30 pm on Thanksgiving night 2009 when “Frenchie” arrives to Atlantic Street Veterinary Hospital Pet Emergency Center, a victim of a “hit-by-car” accident.   She is in shock and has sustained serious injuries.  “Frenchie” has been brought to the hospital by a “Good Samaritan” who is unable to assume the cost for treatment and care.

An elderly woman arrives at the hospital with her beloved companion, a young terrier “Scout” that is very sick.  “Scout’s” problem is due to a blockage from bladder stones which is preventing him from being able to urinate. Without surgery, “Scout” will not be able to survive and his quality of life is already in jeopardy.  “Scout’s” owner is desperate; she only has limited ability to pay and torn by the thought of losing “Scout” if she is not able to find an option for financial support.

Unfortunately these and other very similar scenarios are played out nearly every day.  According to Dr James Young, President of Atlantic Street Veterinary Hospital Pet Emergency Center, “these situations are not unique to our practice but in the face of the current recession, I believe that hospitals providing secondary services and emergency care are facing greater demands to serve individuals with financial hardships.”

The Chester Foundation is a newly formed non-profit organization with a mission to provide medical care for stray and disadvantaged pets.  The Chester Foundation will work in collaboration with Atlantic Street Veterinary Hospital Pet Emergency Center to serve three primary functions:

  1. Funding for Stray Animal Care – The Chester Foundation will assure additional resources will be available to assist in covering the cost of care for displaced and lost pets.

  2. Grants and No-Interest Loans – It is common for pet owners to desire care but either due to poor credit, low/fixed income or even unemployment, they lack the ability to cover the cost at the time of service.   The Chester Foundation will provide much needed funds to cover material and labor costs while assuring timely delivery of care.

  3. Community Outreach – The Chester Foundation will also provide support for education and opportunities for local animal care, welfare and rescue organizations.  Additionally, funds will be allocated to support the placement into homes of stray animals receiving care.

Donations to the Chester Foundation can be made directly to:  The Chester Foundation, 1100 Atlantic Street, Roseville, CA  95678.  Additionally, the organization welcomes members willing to volunteer time and resources to serve the mission of The Chester Foundation.  Atlantic Street Veterinary Hospital Emergency Center will continue to provide care and support to the programs by contributing additional funding as well as volunteering time and materials towards care, education and placement of animals.