Save Koi the Kitten!

Save Koi the Kitten!

Updates on Little Koi!


Koi is enjoying life with her foster family. She is fully recovered but she will always have a bit of a limp. She actively uses her leg and she does great without vision in her left eye.

This little gal is amazing with kids, other cats & dogs. Not to mention, she is adorable!

If you are interested in adopting beautiful, lovable, Koi, the Chester Foundation feels she’s ready for her forever family. There will be a fee of $100 to help cover a small percentage of her medical bills, and that will include spay and all vaccines for her age. Please contact her foster mom Nicole to discuss possible adoption.


Koi had a tail amputation and was spayed today by Dr Gillis.  Prior to surgery, she was playful and using her broken leg so the plan is to leave the leg for now to see if it heals.


Koi has been resting while recovering from her trauma.  She is schedule for a tail amputation and spay on Tuesday.  She has started using her leg while playing!  The current plan is to reevaluate her before surgery.  There is a chance it will not need amputation!  “They say if you put 2 kitten bones in a room together they will heal.”

She seems to have lost vision in her eye that suffered from a corneal ulcer.  Otherwise, she is doing wonderful and is still loving belly rubs!

Many thanks to the kind soul who brought this seriously injured little kitten into Pet Emergency Center. PEC reached out to the Chester Foundation to cover the cost of stabilizing this little kitten named “Koi” while a plan for her medical care was developed.

Now we are asking animal lovers to help us raise the $2000 estimated to give her a chance. Please use the form below to donate what you can for little Koi.

Save Koi the Kitten!

$560 of $2,000 raised

Koi the Kitten was brought into Pet Emergency Center in Roseville by a Good Samaritan.  She had serious injuries, most likely having been hit by a car.

Chester Foundation Koi Kitten Needs HelpKoi is missing part of her tail, has a fractured front leg, and corneal ulcer.  She will require a tail amputation due to infection and most likely a leg amputation if it is determined by a surgeon that it is not repairable.  She may need minor eye surgery if it does not heal over the next week.  She has a long road ahead of her with all the needed surgeries.

Despite her painful injuries, Koi loves to roll on her back and get belly rubs!  She is one worth saving for all the love she has to give!

This little kitten is going to generate one gigantic vet bill. Please help the Chester Foundation raise funds to give her the care she deserves!

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Here’s little Koi at her foster home. It’s such a great sign that she’s using her broken leg!