“Slip” the Cat Inspired A Collaboration to Save His Life

“Slip” the Cat Inspired A Collaboration to Save His Life

When Steve’s beloved cat “Slip” arrived at Discovery Animal Hospital he was not a happy camper. 

Steve had noticed that the left side of Slip’s face was enlarged, but he didn’t know why.  It turned out that Slip had an infected abscess and a temperature of 105!  The average normal temperature for a cat is 101.5.

Slip was in serious pain and needed help right away.

Like many pet owners across the nation, Steve had lost his job due to recession layoffs. Facing debt he couldn’t afford to save his cat’s life, he was very relieved to hear about the Chester Foundation and RedRover. Honoring his request for help, both groups pooled funds and supplemented discounted services provided by Discovery Animal Hospital to get Slip the emergency surgery he required.

Thanks so much for your consideration of Slip’s emergency medical condition. I’m very inspired that the Chester Foundation has been so altruistic and generous in regards to helping me in this difficult pet care situation.

I’ve been so surprised and delighted with the Chester Foundation’s help that it’s difficult to adequately convey the actual extent of my gratitude, except to tell you directly that the Chester Foundation’s help, and that of RedRover’s, have saved Slip, a very affectionate and cute little cat, from this swiftly-spreading infection he had, as well as myself from a debt I wasn’t prepared to face.

Thank you for the INVALUABLE HELP and COMFORT the Chester Foundation’s grant has meant to Slip and myself.

– Steve

Discovery Animal Hospital is one of many Sacramento Region veterinary hospitals that collaborate with the Chester Foundation to help disadvantaged animals during a medical emergency. Funds to perform these services are made possible by private donors. If you would like to support the work of the Chester Foundation, please visit our Support page.